Spewing Water Main Break Near Mall In Ohio

Posted at 7:45 AM, Jun 21, 2018

SPRINGDALE, Ohio (WLWT)– A large water main break created quite the spectacle in front of Tri-County Mall on Wednesday.

Video shows the break shoot water high into the air in the area of OH-747 and Kemper Road in Springdale.

Greater Cincinnati Water Works told WLWT a 12-inch line burst around 5 p.m. and could potentially be linked to the change in temperatures.

Police had all lanes of the road closed for almost two hours as crews worked to shut off the water. No outages were reported but some customers may have experienced a slight drop in pressure.

Luke Williams took video of the break as he was driving home from school.

"It looked pretty crazy. The water was shooting up about 60 feet in the air and the asphalt, it looked like a bomb went off," Williams said. "Asphalt was on the left side into the parking lot and it was also in the right side across one or two lanes so people were actually driving into the rocks and all the asphalt."

WLWT is reporting that the flying asphalt debris smashed out the back windshield of a car in the parking lot of the mall. Greater Cincinnati Water Works said the owner will be able to file a claim with the city for damage.