Kentucky Wildlife Officials Concerned After Photos Show Deer On Leash

Posted at 12:28 PM, Jun 22, 2018

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE 3) – A post from a man trying to sell a young deer online has caused a lot a firestorm and now Fish and Wildlife want to remind people that it’s illegal.

According to an investigation by WAVE 3 News, the post that started it all was a photo of a young man with a young deer under his arm, and on a leash at Louisville’s Park Hill housing complex. Another photo showed the deer on a leash.  Wildlife officials and educators said it’s a highly questionable and illegal act.

Facebook users noticed the deer very quickly. Posters claim the man wanted money to pet the fawn. That led to so many complaints, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Conservation Officer Christian Casper headed to Park Hill to try and find it. While investigating, other social media posts showed the deer riding in the seat of a truck and another post offered to sell the animal for $500.

Investigators have yet to recover the deer.

Fawns left alone are most likely not abandoned. Fish and Wildlife officials encourage the public to leave the baby deer alone. Mother deer will leave their babies to go search for food. 

The man in the social media photos could face fines up to $1000. Anyone who has any information, in that case, is asked to call Kentucky Fish and Wildlife at the Kentucky State Police Post 4 at (270) 766-5078. Ask for the conservation officer.