Storm Destroys Bridge In Lincoln Co. Leaves Family Stranded

Posted at 3:59 PM, Jun 28, 2018

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky (LEX 18) Imagine being trapped inside of your own home. That is what one Lincoln County family is dealing with after this week’s storms destroyed the only way they can leave their property. 

The only way to get to the Lincoln County home is to walk along a path that now has a complete drop because this week’s storms completely knocked a bridge over, stranding one local family.

The only way that Claude Scott Newcomb and his family can leave their home is by a beam their friends put down for them after the water level dropped. There is no other way to get to their home, cars, and cattle farm business.

The family said that there is no part of the old bridge that can be fixed and a replacement bridge will cost around 20-30,000 dollars.

The water left craters across the property and caused the road to cave in by several feet. Newcomb, a farmer, said he doesn’t know what to do, but he’s hoping someone can point him in the right direction.