Studys Shows Most People Don’t Know How To Wash Their Hands

Posted at 3:38 PM, Jun 30, 2018

(CNN) – A new study from the U.S. Department of Agriculture found people are not washing their hands adequately 97 percent of the time.

That means germs that can make you sick are staying on your hands.

Researchers asked almost 400 people to wash their hands in test kitchens and prepare food.

Almost half of them spread bacteria to spice containers while making burgers, and 11 percent of the time they spread those germs to refrigerator handles.

As a reminder, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says you should wet your hands, lather them with soap and rub all over for at least 20 seconds, then dry them with a clean towel or let them air-dry.

Don’t use a towel that’s also used for any other purpose, like wiping counters or utensils.

Forty-eight million people get foodborne illnesses every year, and many of those cases could be prevented with proper hand washing.

If you’ve ever been one of those people, you know it’s much better to spend a few extra seconds washing your hands than risk the alternative.

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