Making A Difference: Man With Down Syndrome Joins Fraternity

Posted at 2:41 PM, Jul 02, 2018

LEXINGTON, Ky (LEX 18) A Winchester man, with the help of his mentor, is breaking barriers on UK’s campus.

Brack Duncan and Josh Banks took a tour of the LEX 18 studios Monday. Just a couple minutes into their visit, it was easy to see that the two have a very special bond. Three years ago, they met three years ago through a special mentorship program. Josh Banks has down syndrome. 

After their meeting, the two Winchester boys would hang out every Friday, and their friendship has taken them to all sorts of places, but it was a viral video of them dancing at Kentucky’s Got Talent on UK’s campus that gave others a glimpse into their sweet bond. 

"He ended up like, in the middle of the dance, just running out the middle curtain and everyone just went crazy," said Brack.

Brack said that Josh has given him so much and now, he is returning the favor.

This fall, Josh will be initiated into the FarmHouse Fraternity at UK.

The gesture will make Josh Back’s ‘little brother’ and by doing so, according to Brack’s research, will make Josh the first man ever with down syndrome to be initiated into a social fraternity. 

Fraternity or not though, Josh and Brack are already brothers, this will just make it official.

"For us, nothing is really changing, it’s more just making the statement that, it’s okay and there’s nothing wrong with him," said Brack.