Best Vantage Points For The Barbasol Championship

Posted at 2:01 PM, Jul 12, 2018

JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky (LEX 18) Golf fans will be able to get a front row seat at the Barbasol Championship with a regular grounds ticket. LEX 18’s Claire Kopsky scoped out the best spots to see the most golfing without walking very far.

Some people choose to go to the Barbasol Championship to follow one player through every hole, but for others, the six-mile course is too long and staying in one spot is ideal.

"We had a lady come down on Saturday that had bought tickets to one of our chalets, one of our upgraded tickets, the Man o’ War paddock, and she wanted to kind of speck it out so she could see where she could go because she’s bringing her 80-year-old father," said Tournament Executive Director Brooks Downing. 

Downings said that fans are lucky, this course is not like most PGA courses that are long and hilly, but young or old, they’re prepared to help all spectators. 

"We’ve got ADA golf shuttles that will take you to certain locations on the course, and drop you off, and pick you back up and that makes it easier so now you can get around the course with ease regardless of age or ability," he said. "You’ve got number 9 green right across the pond, you’ve got number 17 the par 5 right in front of you. And you’ve got the finishing hole, number 18 right across above the stone wall."

The 11th hole is another great vantage point for the tournament, where you can see four different holes of golf within just a few yards of walking from starting drives to finishing putts.