Police Officer Recalls Infant Overdose In Lawrenceburg

Posted at 5:11 PM, Jul 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 17:11:21-04

ANDERSON COUNTY, Ky (LEX 18) Almost a year to the day after an unconscious Anderson County baby was rushed to the hospital, the child’s parents have been indicted on wanton endangerment charges. LEX 18’s Tiffany Jackson spoke to the Lawrenceburg Police officer about responding to the call.

Fist responders see unbelievable things on a regular basis but Detective Jeremy Cornish said that one incident outside of a home in Lawrenceburg is forever ingrained in his mind. 

"That was the longest four minutes of my career to this day," said Cornish.

Those four minutes were spent giving a six-month-old infant CPR.

"I looked at the baby. He was lifeless, had the discoloration," he said.

An ambulance finally arrived after being held up by a train.

"The young lady jumped out of the ambulance, grabbed him, put him back in the ambulance and then the next thing we heard was, he’s back," said a neighbor.

Inside the ambulance, the paramedic did something that Cornish said never crossed his mind. 

"Within 45 seconds the baby was crying and the paramedic had made one heck of a call to give that baby Narcan," said Cornish.

Police say the baby was overdosing on Oxycodone. 

Now, a year later, his parents Mallory Drury and Steven Huddleston have been indicted on a charge of wanton endangerment. 

Cornish said that Drury also tested positive for Oxycodone after the incident. 

LEX 18 tried reaching out to Drury and Huddleston for their side of the story, but no one answered the door.

"It just goes to show you drug use can hurt your family members. Even accidents," said Cornish.