Fundraiser To Help Local Football Player Who Lost Family Members In Missouri Duck Boat Accident

Posted at 2:45 PM, Jul 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 14:45:05-04

LEXINGTON, Ky (LEX 18) Frederick Douglass High School sophomore Jayden Coleman lost nine family members in a duck boat accident in Missouri. He would have been on that trip too, if it weren’t for football practice. Coleman’s team and the community are coming together to show their support.Every order at City Barbeque through the rest of July will help. City Barbeque will donate 25% of every meal sold to Coleman and his family. The Frederick Douglass Broncos football team came out to support Coleman on Tuesday.Today (and through the rest of the month) City Barbeque is donating 25% of every order to Coleman and his family. So today after practice – the team came out to support one of their own. @LEX18News— Karolina Buczek (@Karolina_Buczek) July 24, 2018"We were all stunned that something like that would happen. So tragic and so many family members," said Frederick Douglass High Athletic Director Gary McPeak.Coleman lost his aunts, cousins, and his main father figure, his grandfather Horace, in the duck boat accident. He was told the news during practice on Friday."He was at practice on Friday. His mom came there and we had to pull him out and tell him there. So it was a tough day," said McPeak. "All of his brothers on the team have rallied around him and been there – supportive – for him. Tough times are ahead. He has some things to deal with this weekend with the services. He’ll rejoin the team next week and again we’ll be there for him and move forward like all families should."On Tuesday evening, Jayden and his mother, Sissy Jackson, came to City Barbeque for a meal with their football family. Jayden wore a badge with his grandfather Horace Coleman on it. "I would like to thank everyone for helping me through the rough time that I’m having with my grandfather and the rest of the family members that I lost on the boat," Coleman said. "I would like to thank the Frederick Douglass football team, and my friend Gabe’s mom; she’s helped me with a lot."The tragedy hit other groups in Lexington as well. Gray Construction came to pick up a big order on Monday. One of their coworkers was also related to the family. "One of our HR coordinators is actually cousins of the family. It was her uncle’s family that lost nine of their family members on the boat accident," said Gray Construction employee Abby Reynolds.