Lexington Police Capture Accused Scammer

Posted at 1:36 PM, Aug 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-02 13:36:34-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) – Lexington Police have arrested the man behind an uncomfortable encounter in a hospital parking lot.

Sherman Denny was identified by police as an individual responsible for attempted scams, the most recent of which happened at the St Joseph’s Office Park on Harrodsburg Road. The victim wrote about the incident on Facebook and others commented saying that they too had been approached by the same individual. 

"The man is a well-dressed (as in-white starched shirt, tie, nice pants) Caucasian man in his early to mid-50s, driving a light silver or white sedan that looks like it costs much more than mine! He pulled up behind me right after I had parked my car at St Jo office park on Harrodsburg Rd, rolled down his car window & asked if he could borrow my phone- said he had left his wallet & phone at home and needed to call his daughter. Since we were surrounded by people and he looked like a typical businessman, I dialed the number for him and handed him my phone. He didn’t get anyone, so left a message & handed my phone back. He then told me he needed gas to get home & get his wallet & wanted to know if I’d loan him some money for his gas & he’d repay me by mailing the money to me. By this point, I’m realizing this guy is not what he appears to be," reads the post.

The woman also said the man claimed that he was in need of insulin. Trusting her gut, the woman drove off. 

Lexington Police identified the man as 53-year-old Sherman Denny. Denny had an active warrant for failure to appear on a theft by deception charge. Other charges could be pending.

Denny was arrested Thursday.

Police are also encouraging everyone to be wary of anyone who asks for money for gas or medication or to use your phone. 

"If you feel uncomfortable, walk away and call police," police advice.