Woman Charged In New Circle Crashes Had Recent Run-In With Law Enforcement

Posted at 10:18 AM, Aug 03, 2018

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (LEX 18) – The woman accused of crashing into 12 cars on New Circle Road has had previous run-ins with law enforcement.

Erin Melissa Campbell, 36, is facing a charge of wanton endangerment and failure to maintain insurance. The collisions had the outer loop of New Circle Road blocked Wednesday.

Lexington police say she was driving on the outer loop of New Circle and was approaching the Alumni exit.  She appeared to be trying to force her way into a lane and struck nine vehicles before their car was disabled. Three other cars reported damage from the crash.

Drivers on scene say Campbell attempted to flee, but she was detained by passersby until police arrived on the scene.

A recent arrest citation involving Campbell shows that just last month she was taken into custody in Scott County. Officials say that Campbell contacted officers in Georgetown saying that she was afraid her husband was going to harm her.

Sheriff’s officials say when they arrived at the RV park on Rogers Gap, they found two small children without adult supervision. Social services were called and police say that when Campbell found out that the children were being removed, she grabbed one child and tried to run away. 

When officers grabbed her, they say Campbell began kicking and punching. An officer tased her but she continued to fight.

The citation also says that during that altercation,  the deputies’ uniforms were damaged by fecal matter.

In Scott County, Campbell is facing charges of obstructing governmental operations, resisting arrest, assault and criminal mischief.