Fountains At Triangle Park Dry

Posted at 3:01 PM, Aug 07, 2018

LEXINGTON, Ky (LEX 18) The iconic fountains at Triangle Park have been dry for weeks, which has locals and visitors alike asking why. 

Ask anyone walking by and they’ll tell you its hard to ignore.

"The fountains have been off for quite some time. I was kind of curious as to why they’ve been off for so long," said Beth Despain who works downtown.

"We actually, we’re staying at the Hilton for that exact reason, because it overlooks Triangle Park and to not see the fountains on was pretty disappointing," said Dan Burress, a visitor from Chicago.

Officials with the Lexington Center say that the fountain’s equipment was recently flooded during a storm, so they’re waiting on new parts to be installed.

Those who frequent the park said it is not the same without the fountains.

"It’s very relaxing and it just kind of eases any kind of stress from work or anything like that. It’s very relaxing, but since it’s been off, it’s just not there anymore," said Despain.

Many are happy to hear that the water isn’t gone forever.

"We plan to do an annual trip here so, next time I hope the fountains are up, and I’m sure that they will be, and that’s something that then my dad and brother can look forward to," said Burress.

Officials with the Lexington Center said that they are working to get the fountains flowing again as soon as possible.