Legends Have Press Conference With Kid Reporters

Posted at 3:11 PM, Aug 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-09 15:11:15-04

LEXINGTON, Ky (LEX 18) A group of future journalists tried their hand at interviewing minor league baseball players Thursday.

It was the kids only press conference at the Kentucky Children’s Hospital

Six-year-old Taytm Jackson has been in and out of the hospital her whole life.

"I kind of crawl a little bit too," said Taytm.

When she was born 13 weeks early, she weighed a pound and three ounces and had a disease she still lives with that causes her joints to contract and her muscles to weaken, making it difficult to walk, but today at UK children’s hospital with her spunky personality, you’d never know.

"I was kind of nervous but kind of excited at the same time," said Taytm.

Taytm and other patients had the chance to ask Lexington Legends players any question they wanted in this kids-only press conference.

"It was something that we wanted to do that was nice, intimate, and fun for the kids. Fun for the kids who might not be able to come out to a game. Might not be able to come out to many games let alone ever. So we really wanted to bring the fun, the players and all the excitement to the hospital to hopefully lift them up for a little while," said Lexington Legends President Andy Shea. 

The group of little reporters did their best to stump the players.

"There were some really hard questions. This one girl asked the most, just the cutest questions ever. What would you do if it’s raining outside?" Lexington Legends pitcher Garrett Suchey said.

Taytm asked the players, "what do you do outside for fun", while another kid reporter asked, "Do you have any superstitions before big games?" 

"All the parents were smiling. I don’t know that there were many words. I think they were smiling. It was happy and it was such a nice break for them and that’s what we were looking to achieve," said Shea.