Bevin Among Governors Who Met With President For Roundtable Discussion

Posted at 11:01 AM, Aug 10, 2018

(LEX 18)– Governor Matt Bevin traveled to President Donald Trump’s golf club in New Jersey on Thursday for a roundtable discussion about prison reform.

Bevin sat directly next to the president. He was one of seven state leaders invited for the conversation.

Trump is pushing a bill to expand vocational training for federal prisoners.

The group also discussed the first step act, which aims to reduce the number of people who return to prison.

"This is a land of second chances and of opportunity to rebuild your life. and you are giving us, through this conversation and the kind of things you’re pushing from the federal level, the encouragement from the bottom up to give millions and millions of Americans a chance at redemption," Bevin said. 

Bevin was among a group of governors invited to the White House in June to discuss job creation with the president.