FDA Declares EpiPen Shortage

Posted at 1:35 PM, Aug 17, 2018

(LEX 18) – The FDA is warning parents that they may have a difficult time finding EpiPens due to a nationwide shortage.

Epinephrine injections are for the treatment of allergic reactions to peanuts, insect stings and other serious allergens. Children who suffer from life-threatening allergies are often required to carry EpiPens with them in case of emergency. 

Many pharmacies are running low on supplies. Meanwhile, the FDA has approved the first generic competitor to the EpiPen after the company received criticism for marking the price of a twin-pack to $600.

Pfizer, whose subsidiary manufactures the EpiPen, said in a statement that "the constrained supply of EpiPen is due to supply of certain third-party components, along with process changes implemented which have temporarily limited capacity at our manufacturing facility."

Mylan, the distributor, asks that patients who have trouble getting EpiPens get in touch with the company’s customer service hotline for help finding pharmacies that have the devices in stock.