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NKY Man Finds Racist Note On Gas Pump

Posted at 11:51 AM, Aug 29, 2018

FORT THOMAS, Ky. (FOX19) — A racist comment left on a gas pump has stuck with Marcus Bradshaw — in a bad way.

Bradshaw tells FOX19 he discovered a racist message on a blue Post-it Note stuck on a pump when he pulled up to a northern Kentucky gas station.

“I was just really surprised because I had never actually seen anything like that in-person,” he said Tuesday. “To see that in-person — it was really frustrating.”

It reportedly said: “More Blacks Less N******”

“I’ve seen stuff on the internet and I’ve just kind of shook my head,” he said, “but to, like, actually see that, right in front of my face, it was kind of disturbing.”

Bradshaw said he took the note to the managers at the gas station and they were shocked as well.

He later shared the incident on Facebook and told FOX19 he tried to not let it ruin his day.

“They just really have to work on themselves to fix the problem,” he said. “We can’t really change the world unless we change ourselves and start making progress.”