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Babysitter Gets 3 Years In Jail After Toddler Dies From Taking Unattended Pills

Posted at 3:46 PM, Sep 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-23 15:46:57-04

CINCINNATI (WLWT) – A woman has been sentenced to three years in prison for reckless homicide after a toddler in her care ingested unattended medicine and died.

WLWT reports taht Rolisha Williams, 33, of English Woods, was charged in January with endangering children in connection to the Sept. 17, 2017, death of Prentice Humphrey, who was 2 years old.


Court documents show the 2-year-old swallowed nine pills that ultimately led to his death.

The judge allowed the mother of the child to speak to directly to Williams before she was sentenced.

“I live every day without my son. He did nothing to you. I’m trying to figure out where your kids are and why you can keep your kids as long as you did and why it took the law so long to lock you up,” Bianca Humphrey said.

During her sentencing the judge asked Williams if she had anything to say. Williams responded, “I want to go home.”

Williams’ attorney said it was a tragic accident and that Williams was taking medication for bipolar disorder and other illnesses.

Rolisha Williams,33, was described by her attorney, Will Welsh, as a person on medication suffering from bipolar disorder, anxiety and PTSD. He said what happened at her home last year while babysitting a child was a tragic accident that resulted in the death of 2-year-old Prentice Humphrey.

“She cared for this child and on one day, medication somehow got into the child, the child got to the medication,” Welsh said.

The child swallowed pills belonging to Williams. He died a few days later.

On Thursday Judge Charles Kubicki allowed statements from family and friends of the victim before sentencing Williams.

Thechild’s mother, Bianca Humphrey, explained how the past year has been unimaginablypainful as she delivered a message to Williams.

“I live every day without my son he did nothing to you,” Humphrey said.

She also wanted everyone to know her son’s life had meaning and purpose, even at a young age.

“It’ll be a year September 23 he’s been gone. I donated his organs. He saved five lives,” Humphrey said.

Judge Charles Kubicki says Williams is not a murderer but she is responsible for the death of the child. He sentenced her to 36 months in prison.