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Giraffe Dies After Giving Birth At Ohio Zoo

Posted at 3:34 PM, Dec 09, 2018

(Columbus Zoo and Aquarium)

There’s a sad update from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Zoo officials announced the death of Masai giraffe Cami, just four days after an emergency Cesarean section to deliver her baby calf, who died during birth.

Cami was being monitored around the clock by animal care experts, but collapsed around 1 a.m. Friday and was unable to get back up.

The veterinary team immobilized her to assess her condition and give her fluids, but she died shortly after.

Initial bloodwork showed acute kidney failure, but a full necropsy will be conducted with pathology results expected in approximately six weeks, officials said.

Cesarean sections in giraffes are extremely rare and typically conducted as a last resort during a difficult delivery due to the high risks involved in putting giraffes under anesthesia and successful recovery, officials said. There are only three documented reports of a giraffe surviving a Cesarean section, none of which occurred in North America, animal care experts said.

Cami Update: We are saddened to report that Masai giraffe Cami has passed away four days after an emergency Cesarean…

Posted by Columbus Zoo and Aquarium on Saturday, December 8, 2018