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Shelby Co. Nurses Save Man After Collapse At Gym

Posted at 8:29 PM, Dec 28, 2018

SHELBYVILLE, Ky. (LEX 18) — Nurses are trained to make quick decisions in times of need, but a pair of Shelbyville nurses weren’t planning to use those skills while working out at the gym.

That is, until a man collapsed nearby and they jumped into action.

When most people are starting their day, these two nurses are winding down after a long overnight shift.

“We finish our shift at about 7 a.m. and then go workout about 7:20,” said Kasie Nutter.

But not this Tuesday. Nutter’s colleague Cynthia Heady was held up with patients in the ER, delaying the time they made it to the gym.

They weren’t far into their workout that day when something startled them.

“We heard this lady yell,” said Heady.

Responding to the call, Nutter and Heady ran to where the woman was and found a man unconscious by the treadmills.

So the off-duty nurses got to work turning the man over and beginning CPR.

“We saw it happen and we immediately reacted,” said Nutter.

The two women were joined by another off-duty paramedic, allowing them to rotate on the CPR.

They then set up an AED, shocking the man and reviving him.

“I was really happy to see that he woke up, cause that really meant the CPR was on point, that it was strong enough,” said Heady.

Now the nurses are left wonder in there could have been a higher authority responsible for delaying that trip to the gym.

“I kind of think it was God watching over the man and kind of teaching us something too,” said Heady. “You have to react when you see something.”