Cincinnati Area Gun Safety Program Seeks To Make Guns In Home Safer

Posted at 3:17 PM, Jan 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-26 15:17:57-05
Union Twp Gun Safety
Union Twp Gun Safety
UNION TOWNSHIP, Oh. (WLWT) – Jessica Larka, 14, said the reality is frightening. “I was not aware how much the real ones looked fake, the way they paint them,” she said.Officer Chad Lutson, of the Union Township Police Department, said that is a familiar response from children and their parents.

“Most parents aren’t aware that some of these guns are painted to look like toys. Or what person would paint a red, yellow, green camouflage gun?” said Lutson, who is a trained gun instructor.

Most days, he works with officers to keep them safe in a gun battle or critical use of force scenario. But the veteran officer said an unattended family gun can be just as deadly. “As responsible gun owners, it’s important that we as the gun owner secure our gun so children don’t get their hands on it,” Lutson said.

Rob Pairan is a gun owner and a parent. He’s had conversations with his family about the responsibilities of gun safety. But Pairan said he was surprised by some of the kids’ reactions during gun safety simulations. “It kinda amazed me there that so many kids would be willing to pick up the gun and just start pulling the trigger on it, looking down the barrel.”

The lessons about unattended guns is at times simple, but lifesaving, Lutson said. “Stop. Leave the area. Don’t pick it up. Go get an adult,” he said.

But the consequences can be unforgiving.

Kylie Larka, age 12, made a frightening admission about picking up an unattended gun.
“I thought if I was that young, I would do the same thing,” she said. Lutson said that’s why this seminar is so very important.