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Shelter: Dog Set On Fire In Virginia Park Has Died

Posted at 3:28 PM, Feb 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-16 15:28:06-05

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – The community is rallying after a dog that was set on fire at Abner Clay Park on Sunday died.

NBC affiliate WWBT-TV reports that Richmond Animal Care and Control said Friday afternoon that “thanks to a very generous donor,” Tommie will be laid to rest at the Pet Memorial Cemetery on Saturday, Feb. 23.

“This event will be open to the public for anyone who wants to say goodbye,” RACC said on a Facebook event page.

RACC said during the week that donations for Tommie had poured in throughout the week after the dog was found badly burned.

His burn wounds impacted his entire body and on Wednesday morning RACC posted to Facebook that “our plans for treatment are changing.”

The shelter reported that Tommie took his first steps since being burned on Thursday.

Earlier this week, City Councilwoman Kim Gray said she has been working with Richmond Police to put more security at Abner Clay Park where the incident took place. Gray said the park has been a part of her life for years, and that she was taken back knowing that someone could be capable of such cruelty.

“Anyone who’s this cruel to animals is a pretty depraved individual, and it’s scary to think that they’re walking around among us,” Gray said.

The councilwoman says she’s been putting forth efforts to get more security cameras in place, and is now working with police to help prevent future incidents like Tommie’s.

Tommie, a male pit bull, was burned over more than 40 percent of his body after being tied to a fence post and covered in a flammable liquid. RACC has set up a reward fund to capture the person who did it. You can donate to the shelter here.

Witnesses said a man wearing multiple layers of pants was seen running from the area towards Belvidere Street. Christie Chipps Peters of RACC says firefighters from Engine 5, which is nearby the park, quickly rushed over to put out the flames.

“They literally opened their bay doors and saw him on fire and ran across the street with their fire extinguishers,” she said.

RACC is offering a $25,000 reward to anyone who may know anything that can lead to an arrest.

On Friday morning, RACC officially posted notice of his death – and since then they say feedback has ranged from angry to grateful that Tommie died surrounded by people that truly cared about him.

“It’s like a tidal wave of kindness that takes your breath away. We go back and read our posts and come out crying because it’s just so nice, in a world that is just so ugly sometimes,” Chipps Peters said.

Earlier this week, Senate bill 1064 was voted in unanimously by the courts.

The bill was introduced two years ago by Senator Bill DeSteph (R-8), and its purpose was to protect animals that go through abuse – whether they live or die.

Beloved Tommie, the dog tied to pole and set on fire, dies

Senator DeSteph says current laws stipulate that if someone were to harm an animal but they live, it would only be considered a misdemeanor.

“What this does is harshens the penalty based on the act. The act of beating or torturing a dog is a felony. So we do it on the act, not the outcome,” the senator told us.

He adds that the bill is headed to the House floor on Monday, and is hopeful that it may be signed into law next week.

On Friday, RACC also announced a newly created “Tommie Fund” to help provide emergency vet care to animals in need at RACC.

This includes #teamtommie shirts that are available through Richmond-based Bonfire. The shirts are black with the message “#teamtommie love wins.” Donations are already exceeded $36,000 – and that’s quickly rising!

Items in memory of Tommie have now been placed on a fence at Abner Clay Park.

Enzo Domingo@EnzoDomingo

Items have been left on a fence at Abner Clay Park – the same fence where ‘Tommie’ was brutally burned last Sunday. People at the park say these items were not here yesterday, so presumably they may have been left for the late pit bull💔

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Anyone with information about the suspect is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000.