2nd longest dry stretch affecting many businesses

Posted at 1:16 PM, Sep 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-30 18:24:03-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — September 30's forecast is stuck in the 90s.

This irregular weather has proven challenging for businesses in the Lexington area dependent on the weather.

"It's killing us. It's definitely not good for business," said Dave Miller, owner of Epic Lawn Care.

The scenario involves the heat and the fact that it has not rained in 33 days.

Those days without rain have us in the second longest dry stretch since 1908.

"So a lot of us haven't been alive for this type of scenario," Miller said.

According to LEX 18 Meteorologist Tom Ackerman, if we get through Monday without rain, which is likely, we will have our driest September on record.

"So, the rain, I mean, we're breaking all the records we don't want to break. I think this is the hottest September ever..." Miller said.

According to Miller, his lawn care team has been begging Mother Nature for some H2O.

Miller said even if your grass looks bad, it still has a chance. But, that chance might not be until next Spring.

"The grass isn't dying, it's dormant. Parts of it are drying out, getting thin spots. So we are irrigating and over-seeding for customers who request it, but it's one of those things, if you don't water - follow the watering instructions it's almost pointless because you're not getting much help from Mother Nature," said Miller.

Miller also said that Mother Nature might make them skip the end of mowing season all together.

"Our bread and butter is mowing. We mow about 600 residential clients here in Lexington. And to put it in perspective, in the last three weeks, we've mowed 35 percent, 22 percent and last week was 10 percent. And I've been in business for about 10 years, but I've never had those percentages before," said Miller.

His advice for now speaks to the desperation: "Pray for rain! Pray for a lot of rain!"