A KY family photo sent flying by the tornado, is found in Indiana

New Albany photo.jpg
Posted at 10:29 PM, Dec 11, 2021

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (LEX 18) — Communities in western Kentucky have been forever changed by the recent tornado.

Dozens lost their lives, thousands of homes were destroyed, and towns are left unrecognizable.

Winds from the storms were so powerful, that items from affected areas flew away for hundreds of miles.

Remnants of the storm brought a piece of Dawson Springs, Kentucky, to the driveway of Katie Posten. Posten lives in New Albany, Indiana.

"It almost looked like someone left me a note on my car.," said Posten. "It looks like it's probably a picture of a picture. Which means who knows if the original is still around and it might be the only one they have left."

On the back of the photo are the names "Gertie Swatzell" and "JD Swatzell."

"It was dated in 1942, so I took a picture of it, posted it on social media," said Posten. "If I don't find either of them, but the likelihood we find a family member hopefully is high. But it's still a needle in a haystack."

Instead, it turned out to be a perfect match. Family members say the photo came from Dawson Springs. That piece of history ended up flying nearly 130 miles in the wind.

Posten has corresponded with a family member on social media.

"He was really surprised. I think initially he didn't recognize the name, he was surprised to see it was his family but also that it traveled so far," said Posten.

His family says the photo is theirs, but they just aren't sure which home it came from.

While this tornado has unfortunately been one for the history books in Kentucky and across the country, this piece of family history will make it back to where it belongs.