AC repair part shortage may force you to buy a new air conditioner entirely

2022-06-15 20_18_05-.png
Posted at 8:19 PM, Jun 15, 2022

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — The first blast of very hot air each summer always brings a rise in broken AC units, this year though, they may be a lot tougher to fix due to supply chain issues.

Multiple air conditioning repair companies told LEX18 they are often replacing AC units, rather than fixing them because the parts needs to fix them wouldn't be available for months.

“If the part is going to be back-ordered for 5 months, it's a no-brainer so there going to pay several thousands of dollars to replace a unit completely for a 300-dollar part,” said Thomas Roser, president, and co-owner at Frantz Mechanical Contractor.

He said the pressures of the supply shortages are real.

“The demand is more than the supply, the shortage is real, we’re having the challenge to get parts,” Roser said.

He encourages people to decide whether to fix or replace the air conditioners quickly because the ideal new AC may be gone if a decision is delayed.