AG office: Complaints about Morehead gas prices under review

Posted at 6:38 PM, Jul 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-14 23:44:51-04

(LEX 18) — LEX 18 took a trip to Morehead, where gas prices at several places were listed at $4.65/gallon.

"It's kinda ridiculous that you can drive 20 to 30 miles away and get gas 70 cents cheaper or more," said Summer, who asked us not to use her last name or show her face.

The Attorney General's office has received multiple complaints regarding gas prices and says all complaints are under review.

"Since June 23rd, we have received 17 complaints regarding gas prices in Morehead. All of those complaints are under review by our office.

In terms of what explains price differences, market forces are a possible explanation. These could include, for example, differences in pricing for different grades of fuel or different suppliers of the fuel.

If a Kentuckian does suspect price gouging, we always encourage them to report it to our office for further review. The easiest way to report is online:"

Summer is one of several viewers to contact LEX 18 with concerns about high gas prices in Morehead.

About 30 miles away, in Mount Sterling, gas appeared to be much cheaper. Several places listed gas at about $3.99/gallon.

LEX 18 called several gas stations in Morehead to find out what was behind the discrepancy.

Most employees pleaded ignorance, but a couple noted "Morehead's a college town."

So is Lexington. And prices appear to be falling there.

In fact, according to Governor Andy Beshear, the average for gas per gallon is $4.28