Agriculture Department warns of gas pump skimmers

Posted at 10:39 AM, Nov 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-01 10:39:57-04

(WAVE/LEX 18) — Gas pump credit card skimmers have been found in record amounts across Kentucky by the Department of Agriculture, according to WAVE.

"The National Association of Convenience Stores estimates that a single pump compromise can result in 30 to 100 credit card identities stolen in one day," said Sean Southard, a Kentucky Agriculture Department spokesperson.

The Department of Agriculture inspects gas pumps for these credit card skimmers. The department said it wants you to keep your eyes open for the "goblins at the gas pump."

"This year alone, they found 17 skimmers in the Central Kentucky region, including 10 last month in a one-week period," said Southard.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture said it only found seven skimmers in the whole 2018 year, according to WAVE.

Inspectors said they want drivers to be aware and pay attention after 10 were found in a single week in the month of September.

When at a gas pump, you should look for these signs of tampering:

  • Security tape that has been broken or does not stick to the pump
  • Pieces that look different from the rest of the gas pump or from other gas pumps around you
  • Scratches or other damage that are around the locks or doors
  • A card reader that appears loose

"The criminals out there should be aware that we're looking for them," said Southard.

WAVE reported that, since the department started looking for the skimmers in 2016, they have found 33.