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Andre Hill was delivering Christmas money, woman tells police moments after shooting

ColumbusShooting Andre Hill
Posted at 12:31 PM, Dec 31, 2020

Newly released police body camera video released in the deadly shooting of Andre Hill in Columbus, Ohio, shows officers at the scene did not render medical assistance after the incident, and handcuffed Hill as he laid on the ground.

Hill was shot on Dec. 22 after two officers, Adam Coy and Amy Detweiler, responded to the area on a non-emergency call to check on reports about a vehicle.

A woman who came out of the home after the shooting shouted at officers, “He was bringing me Christmas money! He didn’t do anything!” the video shows as seen on the Columbus Dispatch. One of the officers asks her to stay inside.

The officers did not turn on their body cameras until after the shooting, however the system Columbus police use has a “look back” function that records video only for about 60 seconds before being activated.

Initial video, from Coy, showing the shooting was released earlier this week. Thursday morning, more videowas shared, from Detweiler and other officers on scene, with Hill’s family attorneys, including Ben Crump, and media outlets.

Crump confirmed Hill was at the home visiting a friend and was invited to be there. He was shot as officers approached him leaving the home through the garage.

Detweiler’s camera angle shows Coy and another officer approach Hill moments after the shooting.

“Cuff him up. He’s still moving,” one of the officers is heard saying. They then are seen rolling Hill on his side and placing handcuffs on him. Crump shared images from the video during a press conference showing these events happen.

“He is lying on the ground dying, what is his crime?” Crump asked rhetorically Thursday.

Crump said the video shows Hill on the ground on his stomach for more than 5 minutes as officers Coy and Detweiler did not approach him until the handcuffs were placed on him. Crump and the family’s attorneys claim the officers called their police union lawyers before medical personnel.

About 13 minutes into the video clip, several officers are onscene and still no one is rendering aid to Hill on the ground.

Coy was fired earlier this week by the police chief. In a statement released with the video on Thursday, Chief Tom Quinlan said he will continue to share information with the public as the investigation into what happened continues.

“There were many other officers who responded to the scene. None of them used deadly force. But as seen in these videos- few of them rendered first aid to Mr. Hill as they waited for a medic. We are investigating, to get to the bottom of who upheld the policies and standards of the Columbus Division of Police, and who did not,” Quinlan said.

At a press conference Thursday morning with Hill’s family, their attorneys said they want Officer Coy and others involved to be investigated, prosecuted and convicted. They reiterated officers on scene failed to give Hill aid or help him as he laid there waiting for EMS to arrive.