At local gathering place, people weigh in on impeachment hearings

Posted at 5:13 PM, Nov 20, 2019

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Wheeler Pharmacy on Romany Road in Lexington is a favorite for locals, who love to stop in to grab a burger or quick breakfast.

It is also a great place to catch up with friends and talk about what's on people's minds, according to Kathy Gentry, who is a regular at Wheeler Pharmacy.

"I've been coming for years and it just seems like home," said Gentry.

For some, the topic on mind this week is the impeachment hearings. As testimony continues in Washington D.C., Kentuckians have mixed feelings about whether or not it is important to follow along with the proceedings, which are focused on President Donald Trump's dealings with Ukraine.

"I am paying attention and every chance I get I'm turning on the news to see what the update is and to see how those witnesses are coming across," said Juanita Stollings.

But, Stollings said she sympathizes with those who have not had a chance to watch.

"It's probably too much airing for the public because most people don't have time to sit and watch all of that," Stollings said.

Ann Longacre said that is the problem she has had. She is interested in the hearings but has not had time to watch them. She said she still tries to keep up.

"I watch the local news, and ABC, and then I watch FOX News," Longacre said. "So, I'm trying to get a little smattering of both."

Many at Wheeler Pharmacy said they have not been following along with the hearings at all and prefer to keep their favorite gathering place a politics-free zone.