Attorney General Cameron loses legal challenge, KY abortion to stay legal until at least Wednesday

Posted at 9:19 AM, Jul 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-03 10:06:59-04

A state court of appeals denied a request from Attorney General Daniel Cameron to block a restraining order that allowed abortions to continue in Kentucky, according to ACLU.

The latest ruling will stand to at least Wednesday, when they are back in court, an ACLU spokesperson said.

Cameron responded Saturday, saying he was disappointed, and said he’d bring the matter to the Supreme Court of Kentucky.

The ACLU told LEX18 they won the restraining order based on their argument, which is that the commonwealth’s constitution protects the right to privacy, bodily autonomy, and self determination.

“We're relieved that our client and planned parenthood can both stay open to give patients the essential healthcare they need,” said Samuel Crankshaw, a spokesperson for the ACLU of Kentucky.

David Walls, the Executive Director of the Family Foundation, said the action directly allows Kentucky’s abortion industry to kill children in the womb. “It’s shameful that our commonwealth’s pro-life laws, the will of the people, and the supreme court, are being disregarded,” Walls told LEX18.

While the win is temporary, Crankshaw said, "We will continue our lawsuit and will bring everything to this fight.”