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Living Arts & Science Center embraces virtual learning amid COVID-19 pandemic

Posted at 7:52 PM, Jul 31, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — The Living Arts & Science Center has been a source for inspiration for more than 50 decades, but when COVID-19 hit, it was forced to adapt.

"When this happened of course hands-on learning became hands-off learning so really we had to look how to reinvent ourselves," Living Arts & Science development director, Laurie Preston, said.

Now, the Lexington-based nonprofit has its own YouTube channel, the Living Think, where three vibrant characters, Miss Know, Miss Mona, Miss Information, show off their fun personalities while teaching art and science lessons.

Staff also connect with Pre-K- aged children via FaceBook live every Tuesday. According to the nonprofit, "Miss Ashlee shares a book, an activity and a song for our youngest students to enjoy from home."

When school starts, they will also offer various virtual experiences for schools and teachers. For example, students can attend a "virtual field trip".

"Things like looking at the Civil Rights Movement and taking a [virtual] tour around Lexington with an expert, and then we would have a Q&A with their students," Preston said.

Students could also attend a "virtual classroom" where staff introduce them to reptiles, for example, and have one-on-one lessons and conversations with students about the animals.

While the idea to go virtual came about due to COVID-19, Preston said they intend to continue the virtual aspects well beyond the length of the pandemic.

"If we're going to put this effort into it, let's make it sustainable, so that it's something we can continue beyond the pandemic."