Breathitt County Schools prepare for return to the classroom

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Posted at 6:41 PM, Aug 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-24 18:42:59-04

JACKSON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Breathitt High's principal says he wants to give students something to look forward to.

"Being able to offer them a place to come eat, be safe. If they need to take a shower, or just need to be someplace that’s got air conditioner and just be around some kids and be able to socialize, than be around, be around the negative,” says Breathitt County High School Principal Charles Davidson.

Breathitt County Schools are preparing for the start of school next week, after being impacted by flooding.

"Just trying to get it cleaned up get it safe for the kids — luckily we have had a ton of people come down and volunteer," says Davidson.

School is scheduled to start Monday, August 29.

Leaders at Breathitt County High School say that around 40% of their students were badly impacted by the floods.

"We have been able to track down the biggest majority of those kids, make contact, talk with them — either home visits or phone calls," says Davidson.

Parts of Breathitt County High School saw several feet of water. In addition to cleaning with many of the roads still damaged, the district's transportation director says new routes have been made to get students to and from school.

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"That's something that we're gonna try to alert the community and the public about, and our students so that they'll know where they need to meet the school buses," says Breathitt County Schools Transportation Director Anthony Mullins.

Faculty and staff are preparing to come back after experiencing flooding in their own homes. Having dealt with so much, this school is focusing more on emotional needs.

"A lot of this year is gonna be, you know, social and emotional type things... just trying to help students through and meet their needs in different ways than we have in the past, so hopefully we can, that's what we're endeavoring to do here at Breathitt High School," says social studies teacher Brandon Hayes.

The local community college is showing its support after the Breathitt County Area Technology Center was left in bad condition. Students will be able to continue vocational courses.

"So, we're thankful just to have a place to go and I think the kids will really enjoy it. It's kinda like a college atmosphere. We're on a college campus and I think it'll be a great experience for everybody," says Breathitt County Area Technology Center Principal Joe Mayabb.

School will begin on Monday, August 29, 2022, for Breathitt County Schools.

We are grateful for all the hard work completed to meet this start-of-school goal and believe this decision will help our students begin to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. As we continue to move forward with flood recovery efforts in our community, it is important to note that resources for staff and students will be available at each school. Should needs arise, parents/guardians are encouraged to call their child’s school. Our thoughts and prayers continue for this community.

Also, if students or staff need assistance, please call the Breathitt Co. Schools Flood Response Help Line at 606-693-4908.
Breathitt County Schools Superintendent Phillip Watts