Brewery gets complaint letter for hanging pride flag

Posted at 5:42 AM, Dec 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-21 05:42:52-05

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (LEX 18) — After Georgetown passed a fairness ordinance back in September, a local brewery displayed a pride flag in support of that decision, but not everyone approved of that decision. Now, an anonymous letter is making the rounds on social media.

When co-owner, Darrin Burchell, checked the mail, he never imagined what kind of letter he would open.

"He called me that night and said, 'Well, we've gotten our first hate mail.' And I said, 'First of all, I don't ever anticipate getting any, so I don't want a first hate mail. And secondly, why?'" co-owner Synthia Burchell said.

The two page letter begins with "I hope this letter finds you well," but Synthia and Darrin Burchell said they weren't expecting what came next.

The anonymous letter sent to My Old Kentucky Foam after the business hung the Pride flag in this window, in celebration of Georgetown passing the fairness ordinance.

The anonymous letter continues, "However, even though I believe that everyone deserves a place to live, I have real issues with the normalization of same-sex relationships, especially same sex parenting." The writer adds they will not be a customer of the business anymore.

The Burchells sat on the letter for a little over a month, but felt with the holidays, it was time to share it.

"We're a brewery. We don't want to be some type of political specter where people are like, 'Well, those are the folks that feel one way or another.' Well, the one way that we feel, is everybody's welcome. Like she said, drink the beer!" Synthia said.

A friend, Jennifer Holbert, posted the letter on Facebook and has received hundreds of comments of support.

"People are being so nice and so gracious with their responses. It's very heartwarming to see, especially this time of year, during Christmas. Don't be a Grinch! Have a heart that grows, instead of one that just shrivels and shrinks from the world," Holbert said.

As for the person who sent the letter? My Old Kentucky Foam said come in and get to know us.

"Diminish prejudice with familiarity. So, we will introduce them to our place. Say hey, you're welcome here," Darrin said.

My Old Kentucky Foam's message? "Life is short, love is love, beer for life."