Catholic action center aims to protect homeless community against coronavirus

Posted at 5:48 PM, Mar 06, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky (LEX 18) — The Catholic Action Center has initiated a 'precaution plan' to guard its homeless against the coronavirus.

"We've got so many vulnerable elderly here", CAC Director, Ginny Ramsey, said. "We've got people in poor health and they're the ones who are the most devastated by the coronavirus."

The plan includes education, sanitation and monitoring.

On Sunday, Health First is expected to share tips with CAC guests on how to stay healthy and identify symptoms.

A sanitation team has also been tasked with cleaning the Center four times a day every day.

They are expected to wipe down every surface, doorknob, table and bathroom area.

Mattresses and pillows are changed every day, but a team will now spray them down with Lysol every day.

On Tuesday, specialists with Saint Joseph Hospital are set to tour the CAC and point out any "weak points" that make it vulnerable to the virus.

In order to identify those who may have the virus, the CAC has purchased a digital thermometer to check guests' temperatures.

If they have a fever, they would be sent to Health First for further evaluation.

Ramsey's biggest concern, however, is how to quarantine an individual who have the virus.

Ramsey said they cannot be sent back out onto the street, but they also cannot stay inside the CAC and infect others.

A solution to that question remains to be seen.

The CAC is asking the public's help in keeping everyone healthy. They would love help collecting orange juice and bananas to pass out. They also need bottled water because they have disabled all water fountains to limit the spread of germs.