Charles Booker officially files for U.S. Senate race, hopes to unseat Rand Paul in 2022

Posted at 5:30 PM, Nov 03, 2021

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) — Charles Booker announced his U.S Senate run months ago. But on Wednesday, he made it official by filing his candidate paperwork.

As he leaned down to sign his papers, Booker said he was going to use a special pen.

"This pen is when Governor Beshear signed the executive order for restoration of voting rights. That was the first bill I filed when I was elected to the statehouse. And it allowed over 170,000 Kentuckians [to regain the] right to vote," said Booker. "We [are] doing this for democracy, so I figured I bring my pen with me today."

Booker is vying for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Senator Rand Paul.

Paul has previously said he doesn't think Booker's progressive ideas will align with what Kentuckians want.

"I just don't know who in Kentucky would support something like that," said Paul earlier this year during a stop in Georgetown.

Various polls have Paul doing well in Kentucky. The state has also turned more red with each recent election. But Booker believes he can win.

"We're going to beat Rand Paul," said Booker. "We're actually going to beat him bad because this is bigger than him."

Booker believes Kentucky is ready to "send a young black man from the hood to Washington to represent them."

LEX 18 asked Booker what his pitch is to voters, and he said it's to stand up for themselves by standing with him.

"If you really want leaders that give a damn about you, if you want poverty to be a thing of the past if you want your family to be safe in their homes and have food on the table, and no one rationing their insulin again - the federal government has a responsibility, an obligation, to these hard-working people that have made this government, that have made this economy," said Booker. "Stand with me. I don't care what your party is. Stand with me so we can win for Kentucky."