Clark County bed heads donating mattresses to kids in need

Posted at 6:08 PM, Mar 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-04 18:41:23-05

WINCHESTER, Ky (LEX18) — A group of Clark County eighth graders are making sure every child in their district has a comfortable place to lay their head at night. They call themselves "The Bed Heads" and they are on a mission to deliver 100 mattresses to kids in need.

The group made up of Christian Ison, Joby Mitmesser, Ryan Jackson and Clay Turley admit they do not typically make their beds at home, but they are starting to get pretty good at it.

"Sleep is just so important to get you through the day," Ison said. "It can improve all kinds of things like getting better grades, having a better attitude, actually being able to pay attention."

They got the idea for their project from Mitmesser's mom who went on a recent trip to Guatemala for a similar reason. Once they realized there were kids at home who needed the same kind of help, they got the wheels in motion. First, the boys started raising money for the beds themselves, then after a pitch in front of the Chamber of Commerce, donations came rolling in.

"People literally threw money at four teenage boys who wanted to buy beds for others students, " said their sponsor, Damonica Partin.

So far, they have donated 37 beds. They deliver them in person, and make them up -- bed skirt, comforter, pillows and all.

"I love traveling to people's houses and just giving them what they need," Mitmesser said.

Children in need are identified through word of mouth or the family resource center. The Bed Heads said the project has given them a greater appreciation for the things they have in their own lives.

"It's really good to know you can help people," Ison explained. "Even though we're just eighth graders we can still help out the community and make a positive impact."

Each mattress costs $204.

If you'd like to help donate, reach out to The Bed Heads via social media: Facebook:

IG: @bedheads_stlp