Class changes at UK because of coronavirus

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — The University of Kentucky continues to make adjustments to campus life as students will start to arrive on-campus next month.

The portal for UK students to sign up for classes opened, raising some confusion among parents and students on how classes will be taught this semester. UK spokesperson, Jay Blanton, says students will see classes are offered in two ways, either online completely or in a hybrid fashion.

"One is distance learning, which is completely online, the other is distance learning hybrid, which means you'll do some in-person instruction and do some on video, or a completely online format," Blanton said.

Overall, 2/3 of classes will involve at least some form of in-person instruction. Blanton says 90% of freshmen will have at least one in-person class. To be able to abide by CDC guidelines, the university will split larger classes into two sections.

"You might have a class where you have 50 people in a class one day and later in the week they're doing something online, a small breakout or a different kind of lecture, and then another 50 are in the lecture hall."

Blanton says UK will be deep cleaning more often and giving out hand sanitizer.

"We're going to give every student two masks and a PPE kit, we're going to give every employee a mask."

The university also plans to test 30,000 students for the coronavirus, including releasing a campus-wide app, giving students and faculty access to apps that screen their health.

Classes start August 17.