Communities come together to continue showing support for Ukraine

Posted at 4:39 PM, Mar 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-19 18:44:43-04

JESSAMINE/MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (LEX18) — As the conflict in Ukraine continues to unfold more and more communities are coming together to show support for the country. Several counties in the area are hosting events on this Saturday to help raise funds and awareness for Ukraine.

Communities around the area are hosting events to support Ukraine. The Ukrainian Pentecostal Church in Jessamine County hosted a bake sale was organized to help raise money. Organizers want to raise awareness.

Event organizer Victor Selepina, says, "I hope that people realize how serious this is, not only for Ukraine but the entire world."

The lines were long. There's no set amount of money that this congregation hopes to raise. 100% of the proceeds are going toward refugees in Ukraine.

"So, right now we're working with at least twelve different sources in Ukraine -- twelve different churches and missions, that are doing that. Taking the food out to those hotspots and bringing refugees back,” says Selepina.

Several different communities are showing their support for Ukraine, this Saturday. In Madison County, a march was organized.

This event’s organizer, Madison McIntosh, says, "I was like what else can we do to show support because I know a lot of people in the community feel the way I do and our voices want to be heard, we want to show them, that we support them. We want to show our lawmakers that we stand with the people of Ukraine and that's what lead me to organize this march."

The walk from the Madison County Library to the steps of the Richmond Courthouse ended with this city's leaders and residents sharing words about the importance of awareness and prayer. McIntosh shares, "I hope they walk away with unity and community spirit, and I hope that they are encouraged to share their voice in the future."

At the Ukrainian Pentecostal Church, Victor Selepina says he came to us from Ukraine when he was eight years old. Since then, he says he has never seen so many communities come together to show love and support the way people around the world have for Ukraine.

"I’ve never seen the community come together as much as it has in the past couple of weeks and not just the community...I’ve seen, it's worldwide. It’s amazing to see so many people pray and support what’s going on in Ukraine right now,” shared Selepina.

These leaders shared that the support and compassion that so many have shared has been powerful.