AAA offering safer, easier ways to take flight during pandemic

Posted at 3:29 PM, Aug 14, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — The coronavirus has impacted how people all over the world travel, and while AAA of Lexington says most folks locally prefer to drive, the travel office is offering a way to make flying easier and safer.

Although traveling overall is down compared to last summer, AAA expects only a 3% decrease in car travelers this summer.

"We'll see a lot less travel by flight, understandably, as people feel they have a little more control when they're traveling by their own vehicle," Lori Weaver Hawkins said.

To continue to stop the spread of the coronavirus, AAA is suggesting people who plan on flying in the future should start planning now.

The office also advises travelers to get TSA Pre-check.

"You can avoid the line, you can avoid a lot less contact,” Hawkins said. “Even your belongings, there's a lot less contact with those things too. Anything that can get you through a crowded airport quicker, I think is the safer way to go."

With TSA Pre-Check, travelers don't have to take off their shoes or remove liquids, laptops, light jackets and belts. Normally, you'd have to go to the Louisville airport to apply, but AAA is bringing the application site to Lexington later this month.

But AAA says that's not the only precautions travelers should be taking.

"Check ahead for your hotel, because a lot of hotels have contactless check-in now, so you want to find out what those are,” Hawkins said. “Whether you're flying or driving to your destination."

The TSA Pre-Check event is happening Aug. 24-28 at the AAA office in the Palomar Center.

Appointments must be scheduled in advance.

If you have a valid U.S. passport, that is all you need for ID. Applications will be processed on-site.

Follow these steps to pre-enroll:

  • Click here to access the application page.
  • Click “Start Application Now,” then click “New Enrollment.”
  • Fill out steps and choose “Next” at the bottom of each screen.
  • Type in your location at ZIP code/city/airport Code box and then search.
  • Choose the AAA Palomar location and click “Next.”