As COVID-19 cases continue to fall, a change in guidance could happen

Posted at 4:40 PM, Feb 14, 2022

(LEX 18) — In Monday's COVID-19 briefing, Governor Andy Beshear shares a date to look forward to: March 14.

"So looking forward being on this good trajectory in regards to cases and positivity rate, if these trends continue, we believe Kentucky will move out of the red and into the orange or even the yellow conservatively by March the 14th. That's when we will be in a much better place, as long as we continue to see these declines and the rates of decline. With that in mind, our goal will be to provide new guidance as of that date, simplify some of our guidance that's out there."

Kentucky has also reduced its national guard presence in hospitals. The number now sits at 318 guardsmen.

"This is our third straight week of declining cases. Now 35,961 cases from last week, but that is still the sixth-highest caseload that we have had in the pandemic. But certainly, the trajectory is exactly what we wanna see."

As of Monday, Kentucky reported 1,907 new cases of COVID-19, 32 deaths, and a positivity rate of 17.93%.

Currently, 1,750 people are hospitalized, 322 in ICUs, and 162 on ventilators.

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Sunday, February 13
2,270 cases
36 deaths

Saturday, February 12
3,755 cases
48 deaths