Average American spent $178.44 on coronavirus supplies, per report

Posted at 11:13 PM, Mar 18, 2020

A study conducted by Lending Tree said that the average American spent $178.44 on supplies to prepare for a coronavirus outbreak.

As of March 13, 63% of Americans purchased supplies to prepare for coronavirus.

Of the 63% who said they are stockpiling in preparing for coronavirus, the most popular items purchased include:

  • Cleaning supplies: 77%
  • Food: 69%
  • Paper products, such as toilet paper: 68%
  • Water: 62%
  • Medication or vitamins: 47%
  • Alcohol: 24%
  • Entertainment, such as books or movies: 13%
  • Office supplies: 6%

Although millennials reportedly spent the most in preparing for the coronavirus, baby boomers were most likely to stockpile on paper products. The study found that parents spend $189.83 while non-parents spent $181.12.

The study also found that 39% of Americans have seen their wages decreased due to coronavirus. Simply put, Americans are spending more while making less because of the virus.

The study gathered responses from 1,050 Americans, including 664 who purchased supplies as of March 13, 2020. More info on the study can be found here .