Bodyfit among gyms preparing for reopenings on June 1

Posted at 10:26 PM, May 26, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — It's been over two months since Kentuckians have been able to hit the gym, and as gyms begin the reopening process on June 1, each business is taking precautions.

Bodyfit in Lexington, focuses on fitness classes, personal training and nutrition coaching. While their doors have been closed, the gym has adjusted how they help their clients.

"We do zoom meetings every single day with our trainers and they hop on there for 45 minutes and workout together," Bodyfit General Manager Lauren Colston said.

Bodyfit reopens their doors on June 1.

"We're going to be encouraging them to wear a mask," Colston noted. "They won't be touching an iPad or anything like that to check in, we'll be doing that for them. Hand sanitizer, hand washing, and then we've got x's on the floor,that are marked off.

Normally, in each room they fit 15-20 people a class. To practice social distancing, the classes will now only have six people.

"They can bring their own yoga mat or workout mat, with them from home, even their own towel is what we're going to encourage. So things like our punching gloves, we will not be renting any of those out," Colston said.

Fitness instructors will be cleaning equipment and rooms before and after each class.

"We will not allow any equipment sharing, so things like our rower and sled that we would typically use for classes, we will not be using those. Everybody will have their own dumbell, kettle bell, own wall ball," Colston said.