Brenda Cowan Elementary teachers parade a message of hope

Posted at 3:45 PM, Apr 03, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — After weeks of no face-to-face school, teachers at Brenda Cowan Elementary School decided to visit their students at a safe distance.

"A couple of our teachers were like, 'let's do it and let's do it at the end of our Spring Break so that next week we'll be like we'll see you in class, on Monday,'" Brenda Cowan Dance and P.E. Teacher Lydia Austin explained.

Austin decked her car out with balloons to show her students how much she misses them.

"Today is about building, community building. We miss our kids so much, and I get to teach all of the kids. And so, I'm, I really miss them I'm excited to see their faces. I wish I could hug them, I'll be air-hugging safely while driving," she said.

For nearly two hours, Brenda Cowan teachers paraded through their students' neighborhoods Friday morning.

"There were a bunch of balloons, signs, some artwork, and then the smiley face. It was really fun!" 1st-grader Hadley Passage explained.

Third-Grader Edie House said she "really enjoyed" the parade.

"It made me feel really happy to know that, like, they're thinking of us and they're missing us," House explained.

Brenda Cowan Elementary School Principal Josh Williams who also took part in the parade said this was more than your normal procession.

"I just hope this gives the, the community a sense of normalcy and being able to for students to see their staff," Williams said. "I hope it tells our students that we care about them, that we've missed them that we truly can't wait to have them back in the building."

Third-Grader Cody Gatewood explained what it has been like going to school online.

"It's a little bit different, but I would prefer at school...because I get to see my friends," Gatewood stated.

With the uncertainty of the coronavirus, it may be awhile before Gatewood and his classmates reunite. Brenda Cowan Elementary along with other Fayette County Public Schools will resume classes through virtual classrooms Monday, April 6.