Coronavirus changing how people travel

Posted at 6:18 PM, Jul 03, 2020

(LEX 18) — After months of staying in, Americans are excited to travel again. However, things are going to be different.

From July 1 to September 30, AAA predicts about 700 million Americans will travel, but how they are traveling is changing.

Traveling by car is only down about 3 percent but traveling by plane is down over 70 percent.

Also, where people are traveling is changing. Usually, Orlando, Florida is one of the most popular travel destinations. This year the number one travel destination is Denver, Colorado. Lori Weaver Hawkins with AAA says this is likely because of the pandemic.

"I think what we can take from that is people are planning on getting away, but they are doing so and thinking about where is a destination where I won't be in big crowds so they are thinking ahead in that manner," Hawkins said.

Hawkins also recommends people check their car batteries before hitting the road because many people haven't been driving for months. She says it's also important to not only pack travel essentials but gloves, masks and hand sanitizer.

Kentucky State Police will also have added patrols out this weekend to monitor the roads.