COVID-19 impact on cleaning companies

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Posted at 12:44 PM, Mar 30, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Spring cleaning has a whole new meaning with the COVID-19 pandemic. The urge to disinfect while staying safe is having an impact on cleaning companies.

Companies like Merry Maids and The Cleaning Authority have temporarily stopped services in an effort to keep people safe. Other companies, like Judy’s “Still” On Duty, are still open, but have taken safety measures.

Owner Beverly Neal says her business focuses on apartments, especially cleaning units between a move-out and a move-in. Over the last couple of weeks, she’s had workers drive separately to jobs and limit interaction with others at the apartment buildings.

"We no longer have contact with any of their staff or any of their maintenance workers,” said Neal. "Therefore, the girls can go all day without seeing anyone.”

Workers also wear masks and have increased their cleaning efforts in common areas.

"We have picked up two to three times per week disinfecting stairwells and railings and doorknobs and laundry areas that everybody has access to,” said Neal.

Neal says they also work with elderly clients and had to stop cleaning services in their homes. She expects that to continue for the next couple of months.

"The most important thing is keeping them safe,” she said. “We’ve had these clients for a very long time. They’re a part of the family, so it’s our job to stay away.”

While workers are staying away for now, they hope to return to cleaning again for those clients soon.