Cyclebar installs purifier in hopes of opening back up

Posted at 3:04 PM, Apr 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-29 19:32:32-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — A Lexington gym is getting creative with how they plan on keeping the people who use it safe, once the gym can open back up.

Every Cyclebar across the country has this air purifier, called a Reme Halo, installed in their locations, including the Cyclebar in Lexington.

"The Reme Halo takes the air that is going through the HVAC system, it's air, water and energy and turns it into hydroperoxides that then basically blanket the space and everything becomes sterile. So if there's a virus in the area, it destroys it," John Janszen, owner of the Cyclebar at Fritz Farm, said.

Longtime gym owner John Janszen says he's been installing these in gyms for the past 10 years, initially to combat the flu and other germs. Janszen believes the purifier, in addition to other precautions, is what makes their exercise space safe to open back up.

"The doors will be propped open when they come in, there will be a sneeze guard at the front desk, we're asking them to voluntarily have their temperature taken, we're going to put sanitizer in their hand," Janszen said.

The Reme Halo kills 99% of sneeze germs within three feet. Janszen says he hopes other businesses follow his lead and invest in the purifier.

"Instead of when the fire happens, we call the firemen. We really need to protect ourselves ahead of the virus," Janszen said.

The Cyclebar owner says the bikes are cleaned off before and after each ride and there will be a limited number of spaces in each class.