Despite COVID-19, tourism officials optimistic about Lake Cumberland summer season

Posted at 8:08 AM, May 27, 2020

A hot, sunny Memorial Day weekend meant people spent their time off at parks and lakes, including Lake Cumberland. While it wasn't the holiday crowd they usually get, tourism officials are optimistic about the summer season.

"We had boats, campers, trailers, all kinds of folks that are visiting us and enjoying the time on Lake Cumberland," said Michelle Allen, the executive director of the Somerset-Pulaski County Convention & Visitors Bureau

While they enjoyed time out on the water, there was another thing on people's minds. Businesses are opening back up, but the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Allen says they saw fewer visitors than usual.

"Some of the past few years, of course, it didn't compare as far as our lodging goes, but I do feel like our lodging did a little bit better than what they thought they were going to do," she said.

For those that visit over the next few months, a concern would be too many people getting too close together. Allen says parties have managed to keep to themselves so far.

"Once you're tied up on a boat, you can still be six feet apart from each other," said Allen.

Marinas have even seen an increase in boat sales as people make an effort to stay physically distant. Allen says the holiday was a good sign of how they hope summer tourism will look.

"I think some of our hoteliers are feeling optimistic about it because people were coming. The numbers may not have been as high, but they were higher than what we expected," she said. "I think our summer is going to be awesome; really, really good, but we just ask that everybody continue to follow the CDC rules."