Dixie Magnet Elementary has first day of remote learning after COVID-19 outbreak

Posted at 10:17 PM, Sep 15, 2021

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Students at Dixie Magnet Elementary School had their first day of remote learning Wednesday following the decision by Fayette County Public Schools to make the switch in response to a COVID-19 outbreak.

Superintendent Demetrus Liggins said the decision was made to use three remote learning days after several students and teachers tested positive for the virus and 130 students had been quarantined in the last two weeks.

The parent of two Dixie students, Ruth Willoughby, said she wasn't expecting the announcement, but understood why the change was made.

"I was surprised, but even from the time that I first found out, I'm confident in the ability for our district and the school to make the best decisions for the safety of the students and the staff and the teachers," Willoughby said.

Wednesday's remote instruction went well for her first and third-grader, she said, but she hopes a return to in-person learning can happen soon.


"Of course we know that learning in person is more equitable," she said. "We know that learning in person is the best way that we can do it if it's done safely."

The district will review the school's COVID-19 case numbers Sunday, Liggins said, and decide at that time if a return to the classroom can happen Monday.

Willoughby said she's confident the district will make the right call.

"I would hate for even one child to get sick that could have been prevented," she said.