Former LEX 18 reporter says entire family contracted COVID-19

Posted at 11:27 PM, Aug 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-07 23:27:42-04

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (LEX 18) — "Our entire family has COVID," Molly Grantham wrote to begin her Facebook post about her family's experience over the last three weeks.

Grantham, an anchor at WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina and a former LEX 18 reporter, detailed how each of the five members of her family experienced different symptoms from the coronavirus.

Just over three weeks ago, Grantham gave birth to her third child at the hospital, where she tested negative for coronavirus.

But days after returning home from the hospital, her 9-year-old daughter started to feel sick, she said.

"Just a lot of symptoms of things that seem like a normal bad stomach bug, but turns out when the test came back three or four days later, we realized definitely was COVID," Grantham said, "By that point we'd all been kissing on the baby and loving on each other and realized that we all had it."

Her son was tested at just ten days old, she said, and ruled a presumptive positive. He experienced congestion and Grantham was told to watch his breathing overnight.

"I'm just looking at his breath all night long trying to see if the stomach is going up and down instead of out," Grantham said, "Which you can kind of laugh about now because we're all OK, but in the moment at two and three in the morning, it was frightening."

Grantham felt tired and experienced body aches, she said, her husband lost his sense of taste and smell.

"Our symptoms went from very mild symptoms to mine were maybe, I guess mine most severe, even though I didn't know it," Grantham said. "It can be anything. It's like symptoms all over the place and our whole household had very different symptoms."

She shared her experience on her Facebook page, where the post had been shared over 64,000 times as of Friday evening. Her hope, she said, is to educate people about how different the virus can look in different people and to show that it is real.

Thankfully, she said, her family is feeling better.