Gov. Beshear, First Lady receive updated bivalent COVID-19 booster

Posted at 4:04 PM, Sep 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-14 18:00:31-04

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) — Gov. Andy Beshear and First Lady Britainy Beshear received the newly updated bivalent COVID-19 booster on Wednesday.

According to the governor's office, the new vaccine booster is designed to protect the public from virus subvariants. Gov. Beshear is encouraging Kentuckians to get vaccinated and boosted.

"These vaccines are extremely safe and effective," he said. "Everyone in my family has received their vaccine and boosters when eligible."

The CDC recommends boosters for anyone over the age of 12 who received their previous vaccination more than two months ago.

To schedule an appointment for the updated COVID-19 booster, Kentuckians may If you need help scheduling an appointment, call (855) 598-2246 or text GETVAX to 438829 to receive three vaccine locations near you.

"I wanted to make sure that I take every precaution to keep not only myself safe but my family and the clients I take care of," booster recipient Johnnie Leonard said at the Capitol, where boosters were being administered Wednesday.

"My mother has Alzheimer's and I'm out and about all the time and I wanna protect her and me," Lisa Thomas, who also received a booster, said.

Governor Andy Beshear also rolled up his sleeve on camera Wednesday to show Kentuckians the new booster is safe.

"I would never risk my life, Brittany's life, or the life of our kids if I didn't not only think, but know, that the vaccines are safe and effective," Beshear said.

He said it's urgent that as many eligible Kentuckians as possible get this shot before we head into the fall and winter because COVID remains a serious threat.

"While we are now in a much better place, and thank god for that, we continue to lose dozens of people every week," he said.

According to the state's latest report, there were 65 new deaths in the past week. Beshear said getting the vaccine can help us put COVID in the rearview.

The Lexington-Fayette County Health Department will first provide the bivalent vaccine on Sept. 22 (Pfizer) and Sept. 29 (Moderna) at mass vaccination clinics.

If you have any questions about the new COVID-19 booster, click here to learn more from University of Kentucky vaccine experts.

The governor also encouraged Kentuckians to get a flu shot this fall.