Governors outline reopening plans for for Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana

Posted at 3:01 PM, May 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-12 18:17:38-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — In April, Gov. Andy Beshear and several midwestern governors formed a coalition to coordinate the reopening of their states' economies. However, Beshear warned that the coalition didn't mean Kentucky's timeline would be the same as those of the other states.

Now, each state has announced its plan for reopening and it's clear there are different schedules being set. That creates a unique situation for the border communities in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

For example, restaurants in Indiana are currently allowed to be open at 50% capacity. But over the border, restaurants in Ohio have to wait until May 15 for outdoor seating only or until May 21st for dine-in business. Across another border, restaurants in Kentucky must wait until May 22 to open at 33% capacity. That means restaurants that may be just a few miles from another, but in different states, need to follow different rules when it comes to reopening their business.

Salons are another set of businesses that have different timelines. In Ohio, hairdressers, barber shops, tanning salons and other beauty industry businesses can reopen on May 15th. In Indiana, these businesses are currently allowed to operate while following social distancing guidelines. In Kentucky, barbers, salons, cosmetology businesses and similar services need to wait until May 25th to open their doors.

Here are each governor's plans:


  • May 1st: All non-emergency medical treatments, like regular doctor visits, well-care checks, well-baby visits, outpatient surgeries, imaging procedures, and diagnostic tests.
  • May 4th: Manufacturing, distribution, construction businesses, and general offices jobs may reopen.
  • May 12th: Consumer, retail, and services.
  • May 15th: Hairdressers, barbershops, tanning salons, and other beauty industry businesses may reopen. Restaurants with outdoor seating may also open and serve customers outside.
  • May 21st: Dine-in restaurants may reopen if they follow proper social distancing guidelines.


  • May 4th- May 24th: Social gatherings of up to 25 people are allowed if people follow proper social distancing guidelines.
  • May 8th: Churches and other places of worship may open their doors.
  • May 11th: Restaurants and bars that serve food can begin indoor service. Retail businesses may operate at 50% capacity. Shops inside of malls may operate at 50% capacity, but common areas inside of malls can only operate at 25% capacity.
  • May 24th - June 13th: Gyms, fitness centers, playgrounds, and theaters can operate at 50% capacity. Meanwhile, retailers can move from 50% capacity to 75%. Gatherings of 100 people will be allowed.


  • April 27th: Non-emergency outpatient health care services can reopen
  • May 6th: Outpatient and ambulatory surgeries can resume.
  • May 11th: Manufacturing, construction, car and boat dealerships, professional services at 50% capacity, horse racing with no fans, photography, pet grooming, and boarding businesses can resume in-person work.
  • May 13th: Non-emergency inpatient surgeries can be performed at 50% volume.
  • May 18th: Government offices and agencies can reopen their doors.
  • May 20th: Retailer shops and funeral homes can start back up.
  • May 22nd: Restaurants can begin indoor business at 33% capacity, plus outdoor seating.
  • May 25th: Gatherings of 10 people of less will be allowed. Barbers, hair salons, cosmetologists, nail salons, tanning salons, tattoo parlors, and other similar businesses can reopen.
  • May 27th: Inpatient surgeries no longer need to limit themselves to 50% volume.
  • June 1st: Movie theaters and fitness centers can reopen.
  • June 15th: Childcare centers and outdoor youth sports can start back up.
  • July: Bars can open their doors. Groups of 50 people or less will also be allowed.