Inside COVID-19 quarantine, isolation at the University of Kentucky

Posted at 6:00 PM, Sep 15, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Currently, there are 424 active cases of COVID-19 amongst the students at the University of Kentucky, according to the university.

For those who test positive, they are required to go into isolation.

LEX 18 spoke to one of those students who preferred to stay anonymous. She said she went into isolation at the Wildcat Inn.

"There was a TV so I was able to do that and I'm a full-time student so I had a lot of school work that I was doing, and I [also] got ahead in a lot of my courses," she said.

She added that she was able to FaceTime with her friends to maintain a sense of social interaction.

She reported that she currently does not have symptoms and she was cleared to go back to live in her dorm on Tuesday.

"It feels really nice to be out," she said.

Students who come into contact with students who test positive must quarantine.

Sophomore Anna Beno, who has tested negative, is one of those students.

Beno said it has been tough staying inside her apartment, but that it's not too bad since she is quarantined with two of her roommates. They are all quarantined together because their fourth roommate tested positive.

"[There's] not too much else to do besides eat your meals, sleep, shower, and get up-to-date on all your schoolwork so I guess that's one positive," Beno said.

Beno added that she can't wait to be released so she can get back to her sorority sisters and Wildcat marching band teammates.

"I'm very excited for that," Beno said. "I don't know what I'm going to do but I'm going to be excited. I'll get to go back to classes back to practice."

In an email to LEX 18, the university provided a list of the services it offers for students who are confined to quarantine or isolation. Services vary depending on whether a student is in isolation or quarantine:

1--All students in isolation receive check-ins from our Health Corps Wellness Connectors. This team of five fulltime individuals can provide wrap-around services that include highlighting/connecting to all of the information listed below as well as more dynamic and individually-catered services (delivering prescriptions, picking up books, etc.). Students who are in quarantine may not receive an automatic call from these team members due to the quantity of cases but if they call or email into Health Corps they can be connected for the same services.

2--The Health Corps Academic Coordinator works to ensure that students who are well enough to continue their course work while in quarantine or isolation can do so. She does this through academic coaching, referrals to advising services, troubleshooting technology, and other delivery issues, and making referrals to other groups like CELT.

3--All of our isolation halls have live-in CRMs (COVID Resident Managers) who are available to assist students with questions, concerns, or issues while students are staying in the hall.

4--Concierge laundry service is provided for students in isolation and quarantine in our campus facilities.

5--Trash pickup at their room door is provided for students in isolation and quarantine in our campus facilities.

6--Meal delivery is automatically provided for all students in isolation and quarantine in our campus facilities. This includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Health Corps can make note of dietary restrictions so we meet those needs.

7--Mail is delivered directly to doors for students in quarantine and isolation.

8--Health Corps and UHS offer an after-hours Nurse Practitioner line for all of our students in isolation and quarantine who have questions about their COVID-related symptoms that are urgent but not an emergency.

9--Our partners in the UK Counseling Center offer a variety of support groups each week that are highlighted here: